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ACTION : Muscle and bone Pain manager. Best Ayuvedic pain relief medicine.

INDICATION : Specially effective on Accidental pain, arthritis, Frozen shoulder, knee pain, sciatica, exostasis, all type of muscular & joint pain.

DIRECTIONS : Apply 2-3 times a day with gentle massage over the affected area.

Rs 250.00 Rs 170.00

DECOCTION OF Amla (Emblicaofficinalis)(Fruit Rind) :0.045g
Haritaki (Terminaliachebula)(Fruit Rind) :0.045g
Bahera (Terminaliabelerica)(Fruit Rind) :0.045g
PASTE OF Nisinda (Vitexnegundo)(Leaf) :0.030g
Eranda(Ricinuscommunis)(Root) :0.030g
OTHER INGREDIENTS White Bee’s Wax :2.5g
White petroleum jelly :0.25g
PudinaSatva (Menthol) :0.2g
Karpur (Camphor) :0.1g
Gingily oil :Up to 5 g
PRESERVATIVE ButylatedHydroxyToluene(BHT) :0.001g
Methyl Paraben :0.005g
Best Ayurvedic Pain Reliver
Best Ayurvedic Pain Reliver


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