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The story of Himaayush begins a long time back, when a young man dives into the ocean of Ayurveda by fortune and found the jewels and unique fundamentals of Ayurveda which are directly the vibrations of the mother nature. Himaayush was not established in a very simple way only to earn money by using the famous business tactics. But rather it was destiny drive journey.

However, come to the point with a simple story. The young man was then Assistant professor of an Ayurved college in India. He used to trek and travel very much with any companion. He and the Principal of that same college got a call from a nature club for a one-week nature camp at the river bed of Jayanti (A famous site at North Bengal India) with a crowd of 80 plus kids. It was an awesome experience.

However, after coming back Principal Sir got a severe back pain due to lying over stones of river bed for one week continuously. The young man as a dynamic Professor used to experiment with new formulas using the classical knowledge of Ayurveda and try to enrich his students with more practical knowledge. Suddenly he came to know about the pain of Principal Sir and gave him an ointment which he prepared in last practical class. On the next very day after coming at college Principal Sir shouted by the name of young professor. And asked him, “Your ointment works miraculously! and I felt my pain vanish up to 90% just after using it for the very first time”. The Professor also got stunned how an ointment without any internal medicine can work so fast.


He recollects all the herbs and ingredient again and rebuild the ointment. Then gave it to every person whoever he knows his surrounding suffering from pain. He found extraordinary result from 8 to 80 years old patients. Though the causes of pain differ the ointment works wonderfully at every cases.

Young Professor started thinking:
The ointment was not made using methyl salicylate (a chemical, most commonly used ingredient in pain ointments).
The ointment was not made using heavy punch of menthol to profound the immediate counter irritant effect over pain (never gives long relief).
The ointment base was not made only using mineral oil or petroleum jelly (which have no medical use).

But the ointment was made in a base of 100% pure Sesame oil (best pain relief natural oil, recommended in Ayurveda) using the oldest method of ointment preparation – siktataila paka vidhi (Sharangadhar Samhita). Thus, the ointments stand safe for every age and moderate to miraculously effective in most cases. Young professor makes a determination within himself that this natural power and potential Ayurveda medicine should available to every pain suffering. And thus, the seed of HIMAAYUSH was rooted by mother nature for her own children for the mankind. That is how the company tag line , “From the lap of mother nature” came. And “Payn-off ointment” takes birth.

Behind every formulation of HIMAAYUSH there is a story, like this one. We bring the nature’s output to you. You surely understand the ancient essence of Ayurveda and the natural touch after using the products. The upcoming products are also the outcome of such like stories. If you want to hear them then we must publish it in our blog. Please write us for that. HIMAAYUSH is determined to manufacture quality output always. No compromise with quality. The board of directors always committed to serve the humanity by various activity and knowledge sharing online and offline programme. Follow our Facebook page and YouTube channel to know more. The young professor along with his two bosom friends started the story of Himaayush in a fruitful outcome to society. So, do you want to be a part of Himaayush? Stay tuned with us, for regular updates of our blogs, which is extremely helpful to many of our followers, straight from the lap of mother nature, subscribe now!


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