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Formulation of new products and upgrading existing products.
Q: Do HIMAAYUSH products are tested clinically before entering in to the market?
Yes, HIMAAYUSH products are gone through various types of skin quality and body constitutions. Your feedback is very much useful to evaluate our products and to serve the humanity- this is our motto. The user's feedback is critically verified to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products. (Please see the Case study forum)

Q: Can I use "Brightone Cream" throughout the year?
Yes, as it is a fairness treatment. One can use this cream throughout the year to get the optimum effect of fairness and glow of his/her skin.

Q: What are the directions to use the "Brightone cream"?
Brigtone cream should be used after washing the face with clear water. Use it at day time do not use it for overnight. Apply this after bath to get a natural glow throughout the day.

Q: Is "Payn-off" ointment useful in all type of pain?
Yes, Payn-off ointment is a very good pain relief manager. It is especially very active in case of any type of muscle pain. When it goes sprained the ointment shows its miraculous activity. Though according to ayurvedic contexts oil application and massage is contradicted in case of rheumatoid arthritis, thus Payn off ointment is also advised to avoid in case of rheumatoid arthritis. However, Payn-off ointment has the potentiality to manage any type of pain.

Q: What are the directions to use "Payn-off" ointment?
Patient survey explore the fact that payn off ointment shows its magical pain relief activity when it is used before sleep.

Q: Is Ayurvedic medicine safe?
Medicine's safety and efficacy is related with its dose. High amount of water intake even may cause over hydration (a disease), the same rules apply for any medicine also. But ayurvedic medicines are in some extent of very less side effects as they are made from natural sources. The human body can easily accept the natural form of medicine.

Q: Is Ayurvedic medicine effective?
Yes, absolutely. Ayurvedic medicine is very much effective if it is used at right place.
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