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Formulation of new products and upgrading existing products.
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Hi! I am “Himaayush”. I am introducing myself with you. The two personalities who innovates me are- Mr. Monojit Debnath M.Pharm(Ayureda), M.D.(A.M.), MBA and Miss. Anima Debnath. I have appeared from the lap of Nature with their expertise hand. Actually nature is my pretty Mom! She is full of potentiality to overcome any complexity in your health as well as in your life.

The use of cosmetics is generally performed to beautify ourselves; to cover up the flaws of our skin or face. But have you ever thought about a cosmetic product which is having a medicated value along with beautification of your akin? Which can nourish your skin and cover up your flaws pertmanently?
How good it will be if a product:
  • Really remove a scar on your skin!
  • Really make your skin pimple free!
  • Really toned your skin towards permanent glow!
  • Really protect your skin from natural blemishes!
And how glam some it will be if the product is enriched with natural resources! How pretty it will be if it is free from harmful bleaching agents and chemicals!!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen hereby I am representing the miraculous power of natural healing by our products, ranging from not only the cosmetics items but also a regular essential products of our day to day life.
HIMAAYUSH Upcoming products:
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