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Formulation of new products and upgrading existing products.
Vision & Mission
Five objectives of "HIMAAYUSH"
  • To customise the qualitative products of desired therapeutic value in affordable price rate and obviously free from harmful chemicals.
  • User friendly product for all type of body constitution.
  • Restoring the healthy condition by pacifying the ailments and avoiding the side effects.
  • Products are formulated which are having broad spectrum preventive action against disease.
  • Initiate customer's consciousness by regular publishing health bulletins (Online/offline).
Most of the drug and cosmetic products are mainly based on two types of components- one is base material and other is medicament, which is distributed in the base. The base part is inert and having no or partial medicated value. The treatment activity of the product is moved on by the medicaments. The medicaments used in "Himaayush" products are formulated by the best of natural medicaments following the ayurvedic principles.

The vision of modern medicinal system is more over target oriented, that is, single molecule targeted on specific receptor. This lock and key model is not ignored by the ayurvedic scholars. But there is superiority in ayurvedic treatments methodology. Ayurvedic philosophy asked for concentrate on combined therapeutic approach of natural products. The natural products have a simple tenacity to adjust themselves with our normal physiology that's why they were not prone to side effects; where as a molecule which is extracted from the natural source or may be a derived product from synthetic source may show a sudden procurement from a pathological condition but exerts a far more side effects on the body.

Our mission is to project the combined effect of potent natural ingredients into our products. The formulations are not only done on the basis of classical ayurvedic texts reference or following the ethnic claims but also the combined effects of the key ingredients have been verified to support the specific super speciality claim of the product. "Himaayush" products are also tested by physicochemical testing parameters in a random basis for maintaining its optimum quality.

Before clicking in the market "Himaayush" products are surveyed for obtaining a satisfied clinical report for a long time. That ensures the desired therapeutic efficacy of the products. During the establishment of clinical report it is specially observed if any user facing any side effects or not? The issue of side effects keeping in the mind our products are critically formulated for all type skin.

We are introducing a pain management ointment named as "Payn-off ointment" and a complete fairness treatment cream named as "Brightone cream" at first. Next of our products are having a wide range of manageability which are in chain already and they will serve you as you make the previously mentioned two products' an ultimate success.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen please try "Himaayush" products just for one time to realise the speciality in us.
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